Consumers Look to Clinical Claims to Purchase Supplements

The Benchmarking Company conducted an online research study asking more than 2,000 U.S. females ages 18+ to share information about their supplement purchase patterns. Three out of four women trust their favorite beauty brands to create high-quality supplements and agree they would buy beauty supplements from them.

However, even though women trust their favorite beauty brands, there is reluctance to buy supplements based on cost and confusion over the actual benefits provided. Purchase drivers consist of affordability and efficacy, brand reputation, consumer reviews, and clinical claims.

Looking to test your supplements? Eurofins | CRL can provide you with hair and skin claim support utilizing instrumentation such as the Medicam (anagen & telogen hair count, density and growth), Corneometer (face/scalp moisturization), Cutometer (skin firmness and elasticity), and VISIA CR/Clarity 3D (clinical images).

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