New Instrument at ECRL: DermaScan 2D

Intrinsic and Extrinsic aging factors have immediate and long-term effects on the skin in both its function and appearance. Harmful skin damage is not always apparent, and in some cases, harm can be done to the skin without noticeable surface effects. Eurofins | CRL, Inc. introduces the DermaScan 2D, which allows investigators to see below the surface of the skin showcasing damage from years past.

The DermaScan 2D has outstanding image quality and reliability, providing state-of-the-art performance with high resolution skin imaging capabilities. The device is equipped with a 20MHz HF probe that can facilitate superior displays of skin layers and structures. A linear scan generated by the ultrasound probe can make 6-8 images per second or a cineloop video of 100 images. Multiple ultrasound recordings can be simultaneously displayed while the operator is able to go back and search for particularly important images. The auto save, zoom, and scroll features lets our technicians slowly scan the entire area of interest for specific points of interest.

Designed and manufactured according to current international safety and quality standards including regulatory EU and FDA requirements, the DermaScan 2D achieves maximum reliability. An integrated optical positioning system is incorporated to ensure accuracy sampling at rapid scanning rates. All probes are individually calibrated for optimal resolution and image clarity. The visualizations produced by the DermaScan 2D supports noninvasive efficacy testing of cosmetic and personal care products as well as a mechanistic understanding of skin biology over time as represented in the image below.


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