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With nearly 30 years of testing lab experience in our portfolio, we have developed many new and novel methods for product testing including, but not limited to, Clinical Imaging. Although we have many clinical imaging devices that are run by our staff technicians, we also employ outside contractors to expand our Clinical Imaging footprint and offering to our clients.

Two of our more widely requested Clinical Imaging vendors are Newtone and Todd Trice Lifestyle Photography. Below you will find a brief description of each of these services that we can add to almost any clinical study in order to provide you with impactful visuals to compliment your clinical data.

Newtone – Imaging Health and Beauty

The Newtone family of solutions specializes in creating and developing increasingly powerful customized interpretation algorithms and acquisition systems, to help the Cosmetic Industry to innovate, explore and develop new products for all ethnicities all around the world.

To investigate full face skin, Newtone provides an all in one solution, starting with ColorFace, the first full face (no chin and forehead supports) skin acquisition system, under specific lighting modes, easily used in clinical trials. Six lighting modalities for front and profile views (no filter, cross-polarized, parallel-polarized, standard 60 degrees, standard 45 degrees, UV light) and an illustration mode, enabling open-eyed face images.

A specific color calibration process, with a color chart of 48 shades, is performed on all images to ensure the best consistency and reliability of colors on all images. Thus, multiple skin parameters can be evaluated from these high-resolution photographs such as redness, spider veins, color evenness, skin texture, shine, porphyrins, wrinkles, pores, pigmentation, gloss, dark circles, color homogeneity, blackhead, acne, melasma, lips, eyeshadows, and foundation.

Acquired images can also be combined with the visualization of special skin attributes to instantly communicate with consumers to show product efficacy. Based on physical skin measurements, a bio data mapping can be generated for hydration, sebum, acne or redness. For example:

As regards to the image analysis, Newtone’s original approach is to prove product efficacy correlated with human perception, with smart algorithms. Addressing all cosmetics and skincare claims, Newtone is also specialized in inventive approaches of beauty indexes.
Todd Trice – LifeStyle Photograhy

Todd Trice is an advertising photographer in Bucks County, P.A. Todd’s work has been appeared on billboards, bus wraps, public transportation visuals, magazine ads, brochures and web media. A graduate of Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography, as well as 32 years of photography experience has given Todd a large range of abilities in all aspects of commercial photography. An expert level of lighting techniques allows Todd the luxury to be creative in his imagery. With a positive attitude he looks forward to the challenges of creating unique photographs.  The studio is located in a gorgeously renovated barn in scenic Bucks County, PA and is easily accessible from Philadelphia and New York. Todd’s work has won many national and international awards for excellence and his current works are now being accepted in galleries and prestigious photography exhibitions.

We would be happy to assist you in incorporating Clinical Imaging into your next study. Please contact your sales representative today, or if you are new to our services, click on the “contact us” link below.

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