Is your product safe for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is a complex, self-perceived condition of the skin, characterized by hyper-reactivity to various stimuli, including cosmetics, water, temperature, humidity, sunscreens, food, and/or other physical or chemical factors. Subjects with sensitive skin often experience unpleasant sensations, such as burning, stinging, itching and tightness.

Here at Eurofins | CRL Inc., we have evaluated the sensitive skin claim by identifying a sub-population of self-perceived sensitive skin subjects to include lactic acid stingers. The lactic acid sting test is a widely used method of identifying subjects with “clinically assessed sensitive skin” and uses lactic acid topically applied to the face as a stimulus to induce sting. Not all self-perceived sensitive skin subjects show a positive lactic acid sting score, thus, requiring extensive screening to generate a panel large and diverse enough to make a clinically assessed sensitive claim.

Since 2000, our lab has been using the lactic acid sting test methodology to screen and evaluate skin care products for clinically assessed sensitive skin claims. We also offer a variety of Fitzpatrick skin types and other demographics to field populations to specifically meet your needs with regards to self-perceived sensitive skin, Dermatologist tested and clinically assesses sensitive skin claims.

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