Mask-Resistant Testing For Facial Cosmetics

Over the past several months, face masks have become a required part of our everyday lives. Face masks play a vital role in protecting us from spreading the COVID-19 virus, but they are a challenging aspect of our new normal.  While face masks are important in preventing the spread of COVID-19, they often impact our facial skin and the products we apply every day. Consumers now struggle with the longevity of their facial foundation, powder, and blush. These products often end up on the inside of the face mask instead of remaining on consumers’ faces.

Products in these categories are not typically formulated to remain on the face under these conditions.  A new challenge has emerged, wherein cosmetic products must now withstand a cloth or paper mask rubbing against the product for an extended period of time. Considering that consumers are now wearing face masks throughout some or all of their day, we recognize the current need for performance testing in this area with a new goal of facial product retention.

Eurofins|CRL has extensive experience with transfer resistance testing for facial color cosmetics. We have developed protocols to apply transfer resistance testing methodologies to evaluate the application of foundation, powder, or blush, coupled with short or long term wear of face masks, to determine a product’s facial retention ability and classification as “Mask Resistant.” This claim will resonate with consumers as they search for products that have minimal color transfer properties. If you are interested in discussing transfer resistance testing further, please reach out to your sales representative.

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