Eurofins CRL’s wide range of general and specialty services offer diverse testing for the cosmetic, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our laboratory professionals have extensive experience in performing efficacy testing and safety evaluations in support of product development, quality assurance, and claims substantiation. Services include standard methodologies (i.e., BAM, ASTM, AOAC, etc.) as well as methods development and customization.


Topical Antimicrobials

In 2016, Eurofins CRL in partnership with Microchem Laboratory, created a highly specialized laboratory offering services to Topical Antimicrobial market. The new laboratory now operates fully under Eurofins CRL’s ownership as Eurofins CRL Texas. The site is a GCP Facility offering safety & efficacy testing services for FDA, European, and Health Canada regulated products. With over 30 years of combined experience, the team in Texas will become your trusted partner for studies to support product development activities through NDA submissions.

  • Healthcare Personnel Hand Wash (ASTM 1174)
  • European Hand Wash & Rub (EN 1499 & EN 1500)
  • Surgical Scrub Evaluation (ASTM 1115)
  • Persistent & Residual Efficacy
  • Food Service Hand Wash
  • Finger Pad Method: Bacterial (ASTM 2276) Viral (ASTM 1838)
  • Preoperative & Preinjection Skin Prep (ASTM 1173)
  • Hand Sanitizers (ASTM 2755)
  • Virucidal Hand Wash (ASTM 2011)
  • CHG Compatibility

Classical Microbiology

  • Preservative Challenge Testing (USP, CTFA. AOAC)
  • Standard Plate Counts
  • Microbial Limits Testing (USP)
  • Zone of Inhibition
  • Time-Kill Testing / Rapid Germicidal Activity (ASTM)
  • Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC & MBC)