New Location- Cell Exfoliation & Cell Turnover Testing

Eurofins | CRL is now offering Cell Exfoliation & Cell Turnover Testing in North Carolina, USA. By expanding locations, we have decreased our turnaround time, increased our panelist population, and have a new dedicated team. 

We have a wide variety of methods to test for both, cell exfoliation and cell turnover. These methods include:

  • Fluorescent tagging
  • D-Squame methodology
  • Clinical photography

Fluorescent tagging: Considering the skin’s 21–22 day cycle to replenish itself, fluorescent tagging is one option to test for cell exfoliation and cell turnover. By tagging the skin cells with a fluorescent dye, they can be visualized under a UV light.  The intensity of the fluorescence will fade as the skin cells slough off, visually highlighting this natural process. The fluorescence tagging allows for both an exfoliation claim and, a cell renewal claim.

D-Squame methodology: A second method that can be used to examine if a product demonstrates cell exfoliation includes using adhesive D-squame disc samples. The D-Squame disc samples are adhered to the skin and removed, removing dead skin cells during this process. These samples can be visually graded against a reference scale to determine the level of dryness. Also, these D-Squame disc samples can be placed into a Squame Scan 850A instrument that measures light absorption which is an indirect correlation determining cell exfoliation.

Clinical photography: Clinical images can be obtained of the face at various intervals and analyzed using a dryness parameter. Computer analysis between timepoints will give numeric values for a decrease in dryness, leading to an exfoliation claim. Similar images can be obtained of various test sites including, legs, arms, hands, etc.. These images can also be used for documentation purposes and can be utilized for visual clinical grading.

Creams and serums are just the start for the range of products that can be used for the above listed methods. The methods can test the ability of chemical peels, microdermabrasions, and other mechanical processes for cell exfoliation and cell turnover.

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