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P054 BIO Simplistic Regimen Study ALTERNATES NEEDED
Men & Women ages 18 to 55
4 visits  Compensation: $150
Start: July 8 or July 10

Posted: Mon, Jun 29th, 2020

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NOTES: * There is NO prescreening required for this study.
                * You must have self-perceived sensitive Facial Skin.
1) You must come in at the same time for each appointment while on this study.
2) Please use the restroom before you come to ECRL as there will be no panelist restrooms available.
3) You must come in the panelist entrance up the stairs to enter the facility. You will be screened here prior to entering the building.
4) Come at your scheduled appointment time. You will not be permitted to enter the facility if you are early or late.
5) You MUST wear a mask or other face covering.
6) You MUST have your ID card with you.
7) Study Hours:

Group 1   All Wednesdays
Visit 1 July 8    45 minutes 
Visit 2 July 15    1.5 hours 
Visit 3 July 30          1 hour 
Visit 4 August 12       1 hour

Group 2   All Fridays
Visit 1 July 10  45 minutes   
Visit 2 July 17  1.5 hours 
Visit 3 July 31     1 hour
Visit 4 August 14     1 hour

* be Male or Female, ages 18 to 55, in general good health with essentially normal, healthy,
  and self-perceived, facial skin.
* if Female of childbearing potential, be using an adequate method of birth control.
* be willing to use the test product in place of you usual facial sun care product.
* be a routine user ( at least once per week) of facial skin care products such as sunscreens,
  serums, moisturizers, etc.
* agree not to introduce any new cosmetic or toiletry products during the course of the study.
* be willing to refrain from using any makeup with the exception of eyeliner, mascara, eye
  shadow, and lipstick or facial products for the duration of the study.
* be willing to refrain from using new dermatological products on the face, including
  make-up  and cleansers during the 4-week study period.
* if Male, be willing to shave the test area every day.
* If Male, be willing to refrain from other topical grooming products, except the use of rinse
  off products for shaving.
* be dependable and able to follow directions and usage instructions as presented by
  the ECRL Tech and be willing to participate in all study evaluations.

* if female, be pregnant, nursing, planning a pregnancy or using an inadequate method of birth control.
* have known allergies to any type of skin care product and/or sunscreen product and/or
  any ingredients in the test product.
* exhibit any facial skin disorders which may influence test results.
* have a reported history of acute or chronic dermatological (except for acne), medical
   and/or physical conditions which, in the opinion of the Principal Investigator, interferes
   with evaluation    of the test product or places the subject at undue risk.
* be currently using medications or oral supplements which, in the opinion of the Principal 
   Investigator, may influence the outcome of the study or interfere with study observations,
   including acne treatment products.
* individuals who are currently taking, or have taken with the last 30 days, oral or topical
  prescription medications for acne such as antibiotics, or topical tretinoin, or progestins. 
* have taken oral isotretinoin (Accutane) within 6 months of enrollment. 
* be a routine user of over the counter acne products or medicated cleansers, wipes, masks,
  scrubs, creams, gels, or any facial treatment products containing retinol retinaldehyde,
  retinol esters, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxyl, beta hydroxyl and/or poly-hydroxy products
  within 30 days of study start. 
* have used any systemic medication considered to affect the course of acne, specifically, 
  but not exclusively antibiotics or steroids within 30 days prior to start of study. 
* have used an Investigational new drug within 30 days of start of study.
* have started hormone replacement therapies or hormones for birth control less than 3
  months prior to study start or who plan in starting, stopping, or changing doses of HRT
  or hormones for birth control during study.
* have any scheduled hair removal procedures during the study, including waxing or threading. 
* have a history of skin cancer or is undergoing treatment for cancer of any kind. 
* have diabetes.

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