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Eurofins| Clinical Research Labs will be opening on a modified study schedule

beginning Monday, June 22

Please read below for reopening information




Posted: Fri, Mar 20th, 2020

Full Listing:

• We are not open to the general panelist population at this time.
• Please do not come to the ECRL Facility if you are currently sick (i.e. – running a temperature, coughing severely, have a rash, etc.)
• No panelist will be permitted to enter the facility without a prior appointment for a study.
       *  You must sign up over the telephone for all study appointments
       *  You will not be required to prescreen for any study until further notice.
• All studies will have very specific appointment times due to social distancing issues and must be adhered to. 
       *  All appointments will be the same time for each study visit.
        * Do not come early or late for your appointment. You will not be admitted to the facility until your appointment time.
• All panelists must wear a face mask or covering and will have a temperature check before entering the facility.
* Entry to the facility is via the side main entrance.
• You must have your ECRL ID card with you or a photo id when you come to ECRL.
• There will be no restroom facilities available to panelist's while at ECRL. 
• You may not bring any purses, backpacks or bags into the facility.
• No children or additional people are allowed to accompany the panelist into the facility. They will have to wait in the car.
• All New-to-ECRL medical profiles will be completed over the telephone until further notice.


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