Our Staff Plugs into The Industry

Since 1894 the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) has been in the forefront of cosmetics and personal care product companies, imparting expertise, guidance, and a voice for the U.S. beauty industry. Eurofins | CRL is proud to be one of the 600+ companies of this regulatory body committed to keeping our global industry safe, efficient, and innovative. The PCPC has an extreme focus regarding the safety and education of sunscreen and sun protection, and in collaboration with the Consumer Health Care Products Association, created the PCPC Sunscreen Task Force. The Sunscreen Task Force takes an active approach to review and expand on the current and ever-changing landscape of standards/regulations impacting sunscreens and the methods of which they are tested. Three of our very own Eurofins | CRL employees are a part of this educational and informative group of like-minded individuals. From our Winston-Salem, North Carolina office are two members: Photobiology Manager Nicole Kaufman and Lab Manager Kacie Murdoch. Representing our Piscataway, New Jersey headquarters is Mike Anthonavage, who is Vice President of Operations and Technology. All three of these Eurofins | CRL team members provide a valuable commitment to the principles in which the PCPC’s Sunscreen Task Force believe will impact the critical safety concerns of skin cancer and skin aging.

At Eurofins | CRL, our staff is consistently working not only towards the goals of the company, but to improve as employees ourselves. Now offered to our clinical staff at all Eurofins | CRL locations is the exciting opportunity to become a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator (CCRC). This valuable certification can be obtained by passing the standardized CRC Certification exam provided by The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). Achieving this prestigious designation proves a dedication to proficiency and demonstrates an in-depth understanding of what we can offer as a company for our clients. Eurofins | CRL believes this can have such a positive effect on the quality of work we produce. We have made relevant training and exam prep materials available to our staff. Several of our clinical staff members have become certified.


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