Microbiological Testing – Personal Care & Cosmetic Products

Microbial contamination in a cosmetic or personal care product can affect the formula on an observable level, causing changes in appearance, odor, texture and efficacy. To protect against contamination, these products are made with preservatives: chemical components that exhibit antimicrobial action. Microbiological testing is performed to confirm the effectiveness of these formula components in preventing growth of microorganisms introduced during use within acceptable limits, ensuring product safety throughout its shelf life. This testing is an integral part of a microbiological quality regimen for any nonsterile product.

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Our Microbiology department in Austin, TX presents the webinar Microbiological Testing – Personal Care & Cosmetic Products to help cosmetic & personal care formulators, manufacturers, and quality/regulatory teams assess where microbiological testing is needed for their products, procedures for testing, and how to interpret results.

Topics include: available microbiological tests and methods, risk factors, preservative efficacy and microbial limits testing, and other common testing for cosmetic products. FAQs.

After attending this webinar, participants will be in a better position to make educated and informed decisions based on the data they will receive from this type of testing and analysis that best fits their needs and product development goals.

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David Hernandez
David Hernandez is currently the Microbiology Manager at Eurofins CRL Cosmetics, Inc. Texas, USA, where he is directly involved in execution of both efficacy and quality testing for topical antimicrobials, cosmetic and personal care products. David provides hands-on project management to ensure proper training and conduct. He has 3+ years of experience as a Microbiologist.

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