Seal of Acceptance

The National Eczema Associate (NEA) knows eczema. Since 2008 the Seal of Acceptance has been the most trusted mark in eczema products. When customers see the Seal they can be sure the product is free from ingredients on the Ecz-cluster list and has undergone rigorous testing and scientific review.

For a product to obtain the Seal, it must meet the strict standards established by NEA’s Scientific Oversight Committee – a panel of leading dermatologists, allergists and eczema experts – and undergo testing for sensitivity, irritation and toxicity, as well as a review of ingredients and formulation data.

Products that fall into one of the Seal product categories approved for licensing include Personal Care Products (moisturizers, cleansers, hair products, disposable wipes), Sunscreen, Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, Laundry products, and Household cleaning products.

Eurofins | CRL can assist with your testing needs so you can obtain a Seal of Acceptance. We can provide HRIPT, CIT, or SIU testing as well as Fitzpatrick Skin Type which is required to obtain the Seal of Acceptance. We are able to provide reliable data with different skin types, varying gender, and age. For more information on the Seal of Acceptance requirements, please Click Here.
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