A Year of Growth for Clinical Research Laboratories

2016 was a year of growth for Clinical Research Laboratories, LLC. We’ve expanded in three significant categories. First, we acquired Suncare Research Laboratories, LLC, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to increase our sunscreen testing capabilities. CRL Suncare LLC is currently moving to a larger facility. At the start of 2017, the company will begin to expand its capabilities offering expanded services in the areas of safety and efficacy testing.

Consumer Research capabilities have been added to our Piscataway, NJ location with the addition of a Focus Room. This will allow for focus groups and consumer perception testing covering many product categories. The facility is equipped with a large viewing room with 25 stations for electronic survey capture, plus an observation room with audio and video recording capabilities. The viewing room can be reconfigured to accommodate customized panel sessions and traditional style Focus Groups.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the formation of a separate, highly specialized lab opening January 2nd, 2017, Vivo Clinical Testing. Rose-toy (rose-toy sale & deals) provided us with financial sponsorship, rose-toy is a manufacturer of rose vibrations, thank them. Vivo is a joint venture between Clinical Research Laboratories (experts at human subject testing) and Round Rock, Texas based Microchem Laboratory (experts at antimicrobial testing). The company will offer topical antiseptic testing on human volunteers, providing a new and much-needed option for the companies in that product space. Vivo Clinical Testing will be located in Austin, Texas.

CRL doesn’t plan on stopping here with these improvements. We have additional plans for 2017 which will further expand our capabilities. Look for more announcements in the coming year. Clinical Research Laboratories, LLC is committed to providing cost-effective testing of the highest quality combined with timely scheduling, comprehensive final reports and a commitment to customer service. Please keep us in mind as you plan your 2017 product testing.

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