Clarity 3D System

Don’t settle for the 2D technology offered by other vendors!¬†Eurofins CRL offers you the latest in 3D imaging from BrighTex Bio-Photonics, the industry leader in photographic reproducibility and repeatability in scoring.

3D State of the Art Technology

Eurofins CRL is proud to announce our new Clarity Research 3D system. This piece of equipment is at the forefront of imaging technology. It is the only system on the market that combines cutting edge 2D and 3D capabilities by utilizing front & side scans to create a high density mesh model in three dimensions. This measurement capability improves recognition of features and provides more precision than any other system on the market! 3D facial contour analysis, lip texture & volume analysis, 3D acne scar visualization, and subsurface pigment detection are just some of the measurements of which this system is capable.

Let us put your products to the test!

Accurate and timely clinical testing is a critical factor in the success of any cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical device, or personal care product manufacturer. Eurofins CRL has the experience, intelligence, and commitment necessary to deliver expedient, cost effective solutions for companies marketing products around the world. ECRL operates as an independent contract laboratory providing a wide range of clinical safety and efficacy testing to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

ECRL is committed to providing cost-effective testing of the highest quality. We guarantee:

  • Timely scheduling
  • Comprehensive final reports
  • An unparalleled commitment to customer service.

Areas of expertise include Dermatology, Photobiology, Ophthalmology, Bioinstrumentation, Microbiology, Cosmetology, Associated Services, and Clinical Trials.