Photobiology assessments create the foundation necessary to successfully evaluate sunscreen SPF values, UVA values, and photoallergy and phototoxicity potential for a worldwide marketplace.

Extensive experience in this discipline enables Eurofins CRL to conduct a wide variety of photobiological safety and efficacy studies, which can be tailored to satisfy the most challenging of requirements. This experience, combined with leading edge equipment and a thoroughly trained staff, allows for quick set-up and execution of all photobiology, photoallergy, and phototoxicity studies. CRL can expedite the delivery of vital information concerning the outcome of any study. Both single- and multi-port solar simulators are utilized. Our Photobiology Department also features its own Jacuzzi, with locker room and shower facilities.

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In 2016, ECRL acquired Suncare Research Laboratories, LLC, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to increase our sunscreen testing capabilities. Eurofins CRL North Carolina provides a unique combination of services to the Sunscreen Community. It is a research-oriented testing laboratory, specializing in the measurement of Sun protection, with a staff of 8, including a Board-Certified Dermatologist Consultant. Its clients include major sunscreen manufacturers in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as numerous start-up biotechnology firms and private entrepreneurs.

  • Photoallergy Testing
  • Sunscreen UVA In Vitro
  • Phototoxicity Testing
  • Sunscreen UVA In Vivo