Dermatologist Dr. Winston Moy and Registered Nurse Ashleigh Potenski Join the CRL Team

We are pleased to welcome Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Winston Moy and Registered Nurse Ashleigh Potenski to our CRL Team.

Dr. Winston MoyDr. Moy has been certified by the American Academy of Dermatology since 1988. Prior to his residency in the U.S., Dr. Moy completed a residency in China from 1981-1984, where he is also a board certified Dermatologist. When he returned to the U.S. in 1984, he completed his training in Dermatology at SUNY Buffalo. While attending the University, he spent a great deal of time on a structural research project in cooperation with the Westwood Division of Bristol-Meyers Pharmaceuticals Company. After completing his residency, he began his own clinical practice in Northern New Jersey. Fast-forward to 2018, Dr. Moy continues his practice and also has recently started working alongside CRL as one of our Dermatologists.

Ashleigh PotenskiAshleigh Potenski, R.N. has been a nurse for 7 years. Prior to CRL, she specialized in oncology and hematology nursing, consisting of 100% clinical bedside care. This included daily patient care/assessment, chemotherapy and biotherapy administration. She has always gravitated towards the nursing profession because it is constantly changing and evolving. Ashleigh says that she enjoyed oncology nursing because of the constant new clinical research, development and treatments being studied and provided to the community. She said, “My love for research is what ultimately led me to CRL.”  She enjoys working with people and learning about the science behind safe and effective personal care products.

We are confident that both Dr. Moy and Ashleigh will be assets to our valued clients and we are happy to  welcome them to the CRL team!

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