Testing Methodologies and Claims for Cell Renewal and Cell Exfoliation Products

In the skincare world, products that aim to claim to reduce dull/flaky skin by accelerating cell exfoliation or claim anti-aging by accelerating the skin’s natural cell turnover may benefit from learning about this test method. The objective of this study method is to determine the effect of a test material on the skin’s natural cell exfoliation and cell turnover through the use of a fluorescent dye (the Dansyl Chloride) by comparative visual grading of treated vs untreated test sites.

Eurofins | CRL  will  be hosting an additional new webinar titled, ” Testing Methodologies and Claims for Cell Renewal and Cell Exfoliation Products”. This webinar will take place on Monday, November 27th at 1pm EST.
In this webinar, we will discuss the study method’s objective, how we achieve this with study procedures, and data interpretation for the results of the study.
This webinar would be beneficial for clients who are interested in marketing a product (such as chemical exfoliants, anti-aging serums and creams) that claim to exfoliate or soften the skin by accelerating cell renewal or cell exfoliation.


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Cynthia Torres

Cynthia Torres is currently the Clinical Services Manager at Eurofins CRL Cosmetics, Inc. North Carolina, USA. She is the principal Investigator for Clinical study test types including the Dansyl Chloride testing method discussed in this webinar. Cynthia oversees the daily Clinical testing operation of Clinic studies. She has been with the company for 3+ years with Clinical Services and Photobiology testing background within the company.


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