New Laser Doppler Purchase

Aligning with sponsors’ needs, Eurofins | CRL has recently purchased the Laser Doppler Blood FlowMeter (LDF). The Laser Doppler Blood FlowMeter is established as an effective and reliable quantitative tool that can be utilized to assess skin conditions (inflammation, vascular dark circles, wound healing, etc.) and/or products (skin care/cosmetic devices) related to microcirculation.

The LDF offers a continuous, non-invasive, and real-time, quantitative measurement of blood cell perfusion in the microcirculatory beds of the skin tissue and other tissues. The Laser Doppler FlowMeters produce an output signal that is proportional to the blood cell perfusion (or flux). Its signals are then recorded in BPU (The Blood Perfusion Unit). This represents the transport of blood cells through microvasculature.

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