Phototoxicity & Photoallergy Testing

Basic safety testing for topical cosmetics and personal care products includes HRIPT testing for skin irritation and sensitization. Some products, although they pass HRIPT testing, may react on the skin when exposed to sunlight causing skin irritation and sensitization that is not identifiable in basic HRIPT testing.  For products in this category, HRIPT testing may not be enough to support the product’s safety testing profile.

Formulations can contain a mixture of ingredients that have molecules that may be susceptible to alterations due to exposure to sunlight. The transformation of photo unstable molecules can lead to a phenomenon known as photosensitivity when these products are applied to the skin and exposed to the sun.

There are two types of photosensitivity, Phototoxicity and Photoallergy. Phototoxicity (PT) is skin irritation that occurs in subjects with a single exposure to a sufficient dose of the photo-sensitive agent(s) and UVA radiation, while Photoallergy (PA) is an immunological response to a UV-modified chemical compound.

In this webinar, we will discuss the differences between Phototoxicity and Photoallergy, the study process overview, patch types, as well as scoring and reporting.

This webinar would be beneficial for clients who are interested in marketing a product (such as chap sticks, lip sticks, face serums and sunscreens) that will be used daily on consumers who will be regularly exposed to the sun.

Tuesday, November 7th 10am-11am EST Register

Tuesday, November 7th 2pm-3pm EST Register 


Chelcie Mejia
Chelcie Mejia is currently the Photobiology Manager at Eurofins CRL Cosmetics, Inc. North Carolina, USA where she is the Principal Investigator of the In-Vivo and In-Vitro SPF studies and oversees the daily clinical testing operations of R&D sun protecting products.  She has 5+ years of experience in the SPF industry.

Dominique Sawyer
Dominique Sawyer is currently the Photobiology Team Lead at Eurofins CRL Cosmetics, Inc. North Carolina, USA where he is responsible for initiating the studies, including IRB submissions and product check in. Dominique also handles the training procedures for our new staff members and test product assignment. He has been with the company for almost a year.

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